Are we alone? Where is everybody?
More than a Drake Equation calculator, DrakeEQ (v6.0.1) provides a simulation of the extraterrestrial question. Use this fun simulator to graphically quantify the number of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy.

Are we alone?: DrakeEQ computes/displays civilization count and draws them to the display.

Where is everybody?: DrakeEQ approaches the Fermi Paradox by positioning the civilizations in 3D space and computing the average distances between them.

DrakeEQ is both educational and entertaining. And at nearly 8 years running, DrakeEQ is one of the longest continuously supported apps on the entire App Store!

Learn about the famous Drake Equation through direct manipulation of its 7 parameters. Easily tweak equation variables using fun drop-down manipulators.
  • Enter direct parameter values with keyboard or step through values
  • Average distance between civilizations calculator
  • Tunable precision
  • Highlight the solar system
  • Change star system colors
  • Activate the quasar from Sagittarius A*
  • Galaxy in motion
  • Tweet and email results
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Solar system locator

It’s available on the iPad too!

Image: “Milky Way Bar” Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC)
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v6.0.1 Released 8/21/2017

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Are we alone? Take a guess with DrakeEQ and the Drake Equation!