Are we alone? Where is everybody?
More than simply a Drake Equation calculator, DrakeEQ (v6.0.2) is a 3D simulator that answers the extraterrestrial question. Use this fun simulator to graphically quantify the number of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy. DrakeEQ is both educational and entertaining. Easily tweak equation variables using fun, drop-down manipulators.

Are we alone?: DrakeEQ computes the civilization count and draws them to the display. It positions the civilizations in 3D space and computes the average distance between them.

The Drake Equation primarily allows scientists to quantify the uncertainty of the factors which determine the number of “intelligent” extraterrestrial civilizations contained in our galaxy.

The Drake Equation states that:
N = R*
x fp x ne x f x fi x fc x L

Number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication is possible

Yearly average rate of star formation

Fraction of those stars that have orbiting planets

Average number of planets (or moons) that can support life per star with planets

Fraction of those (planets/moons) that actually proceed to develop life

Fraction of those (planets/moons) that actually proceed to develop intelligent life

Fraction that are able to transmit signals into space

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Length (years) that civilizations are able to transmit signals into space
  • Enter direct parameter values with keyboard or step through values
  • Average distance between civilizations calculator
  • Tunable precision
  • Highlight the solar system
  • Change star system colors
  • Activate the quasar from Sagittarius A*
  • The galaxy is in motion
  • Tweet and email results
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • No Ads
  • It’s available on the iPad too!
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v6.0.2 Released 1/29/2018

Image: “Milky Way Bar” Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC)

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Are we alone? Take a guess with DrakeEQ and the Drake Equation!