Mars … By Monorail!
  • Finally. Rail-Rove the Red Planet

    Explore the mystique of the Red Planet by monorail, right from your iPad! Fully control your futuristic, space trains across Mars. Same fun as its Earth-based sibling, but it’s all-new, featuring original models, 3D sound, trains, controls and scenery. Onomaly co-developed iRunTrains with Code-Puppy Software.

  • Liftoff with these features!

    Control 3 maglev trains!
    - Stunning 3D Graphics
    - Mars and Jupiter bases!
    - Watch vehicles from any angle
    - Realistic 3D sounds
    - Otherworldly dashboard
    - Selectable crater backdrop

  • Real Martians ride the trains!

    Spy Martian bases, vehicles & astronauts!
    - Multifunction view selector
    - Help overlay for controls
    - Train-tracking views
    - Mars landers fly overhead
    - Add/Subtract/Edit your cars
    - Winding monorail track

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v2.3.0 Released 8/8/2017

Download iRunTrains on Mars from the App Store today!

Whistle-stops at some wonderful Martian craters!

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Travel to Mars or Jupiter's moon Ganymede! These trains are literally out of this world!

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