The thought of being a sole, sentient species got you down?
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Are we alone? Where is everybody? DrakeEQ HD (v6.0.2) invites you to partake in a highly visual thought experiment to explore these questions. Based on the famous equation by Dr. Frank Drake, DrakeEQ HD presents an elegant 3D simulation of the Milky Way Galaxy along with the number of intelligent civilizations it may contain by varying specific, galactic parameters. An iPhone version is also available!
The Drake Equation primarily allows scientists to quantify the uncertainty of the factors which determine the number (N) of “intelligent” extraterrestrial civilizations contained in our galaxy.
N = R* X fp X ne X fℓ X fi X fc X L
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  • Fine-tune fractional with precise controls

  • Activate a Milky Way quasar

  • Highlight the Earth’s location

  • Compute distances between civilizations

  • Run Passage of Time simulation

  • Perform quick thought experiments

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v6.0.2 Released 7/17/18

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Are we alone? Take a guess with DrakeEQ HD and the Drake Equation!

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